This is the proof of concept for MOON RIDER, a kids action-comedy series. The show follows Roger and June as they bloop around the moon.

Produced with Tongal and Project Greenlight Digital Studios.

Created by James Kwan
Roger: Teo Ziolkowski
June: Dean Lenoir
Sound Design: Bryce Barsten
Music: Jacob Reske
Animation: James Kwan
Additional Animation: Konstantin Steshenko, Kyle Bunk
Backgrounds: Konstantin Steshenko, Uriah Voth
Compositing: James Kwan
Special Thanks: June Kwan, Emily Poulis, Steve Winfield Meyer, Christine Wu, Aarati Akkapedi, Cody Walzel, Maclain Maier, Caleb Reske, Eddie Ewing

To request to see the series bible contact: