Hello! Welcome to my character design portfolio. I have been fortunate enough to design on Bojack Horseman (ShadowMachine), and development projects including Moon Rider (Tongal/Adaptive Studios), and Hidden In Plainview (Cartoon Network).

Bojack Horseman (Netflix/ShadowMachine): Responsible for drawing hundreds of characters and turnarounds, and rigging them in Flash for the animators.

Moon Rider (Tongal/Adaptive Studios): Designs from Moon Rider, a project I created with Tongal and Adaptive Studios. As the creator and director, I was responsible for leading a small team to create a proof of concept which you can see here. Here are some designs from that project.

Hidden In Plainview: Early designs from a project that is beginning development at Cartoon Network.

Personal Explorations: I love to invent characters any chance I get. Strange fashion illustrations, Samurais, and surreal reimaginings of my favorite superheroes!

Thanks for looking! To reach out, please contact me at